Approximately 22 million pieces were minted during this period. During queen Wilhelminas reign, four different portraits of the queen were utilised on the obverse of the netherlands guilder. Tavex offers the following versions: The netherlands 10 guilder issued between 18Obverse: The obverse portrays a young serene queen Wilhelmina with her loose wavy hair gracefully flowing aside her bust. She is encircled by her title koningin wilhelmina and the motto god zij met ons which translates as God is with. The netherlands 10 guilder issued in 1898. Obverse: The obverse portrays a teenage queen Wilhelmina with a stately tiara and her hair pulled back from the face and plaited in a bun.

5 gulden wilhelmina respect and prominence when, at the age of 20, she defied the English naval blockade of south Africa and sent a warship of the royal Netherlands navy to rescue paul Kruger, a leading figure of the. The queens competence went beyond affairs of state, as she was also adept in business matters, becoming the worlds richest woman through her wise investments. In spite of her immense wealth, she lived a frugal life, and, as she epitomised Dutch virtues throughout her fifty-eight year rule, she enjoyed great popularity with the dutch people, making her the netherlands most beloved and longest serving monarch. Nominal value dimensions Fineness Product weight in grams Gold weight in grams Gold weight in Troy ounces 10 guilder.00 mm 900.72866.05580g.19, the queen Wilhelmina 10 guilder gold coin was issued between 18 by the royal Dutch Mint.

Naturally, to facilitate this trade, a medium of exchange was required, prompting the dutch to issue a large variety of gold and silver coins. Dutch ducats, stuivers, cavaliers and ducatons, to name just a few, became popular trade coinage that was spread throughout the world by the dutch merchant fleet. The guilder, on the other hand, had a slightly different role to fulfil. Following the establishment of the United Kingdom of the netherlands in 1815, which incorporated all the previous Dutch provinces under one rule, the guilder was introduced to serve as the new kingdoms official currency, a role it paard held until 1933. The guilder, or gulden in Dutch, meaning golden, was struck in denominations of 5, 10 and 20 gulden, with 10 gulden proving the most popular. In fact, besides minor tweaks made to its design (in general the same design was applied throughout its lifetime the coins purity.6 karats and its dimensions stayed the same for 115 years, a definite testimony to its popularity. The most issued guilders were those that depicted King William iii and queen Wilhelmina. The strong-willed queen Wilhelmina depicted on the 10 guilder gold coin. In 1890, at the tender age of ten, wilhelmina, daughter and only heir to king William iii, was proclaimed queen of the netherlands. Regarded as very intelligent, charming and tactful, her strong-willed personality earned her the reputation as one of the netherlands most influential rulers of all time. Her reign saw two major world wars, a severe economic depression and the shifting tide of colonial rule.

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The dutch guilder the work golden coin. Throughout history, nations that successfully used their comparative advantages would expand in terms of both wealth and territory. And although the netherlands was no different in this regard, its founding history as a maritime and colonial power began with a rather unusual, though tasty, resource: fish. As the north sea contained vast amounts of this resource, the dutch became effective fishermen. In order to capitalise as much as possible on the plentiful supply, they perfected their shipbuilding techniques, leading them to build fast and sturdy freight carriers. The dutch fluyts could carry more cargo with less crew than those of their rivals, and yet they were still cheaper to produce a consequence of a 16th century technological breakthrough: the wind-powered sawmills which the dutch had invented. This invention turned timber into lumber more efficiently, thus greatly reducing the cost of shipbuilding. By 1670, the dutch had amassed a huge merchant shipping fleet; they had more ships than Britain, France, germany and Spain combined. As the dutch were traders at heart, they established shipping routes to the Americas and the far East, creating multiple colonies in the process (from which they profited immensely whilst cementing the reputation of the dutch Republic, as one of the worlds key commercial hubs.

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Netherlands 1912 5 gulden. Jump to: navigation, search. (Netherlands, wilhelmina, five gulden of 1912, extremely fine.). Find best value and selection for your 1912 gold 5 gulden guilder coin netherlands wilhelmena 1912 gold 5 gulden guilder coin netherlands wilhelmena search on ebay. Benefit from the free world coin Price guide on m by reviewing coin details and Netherlands 5 Gulden values before you purchase. Fiche détaillée de la pièce 5 Gulden wilhelmina, pays-Bas, avec photos et gestion de votre collection et des échanges : tirages, descriptions, métal, poids, valeur et autres infos numismatiques. 5 Gulden Goldmünze königin Wilhelmina nur ein Jahr geprägt Über 100 Jahre alte top-Rarität aus massivem Gold mdm deutsche münze. 1/ zf 1/ pr 1/ pr 1/ zf 1/ pr - fdc verz.

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5 gulden ; 10 gulden ; 20 gulden ; 25 gulden ; 40 gulden ; 50 gulden ; 60 gulden ;. 1 Gulden ; Guldens Wilhelmina ; Guldens Wilhelmina. Filteren op: Filters leegmaken. Klik op de scan voor de vergrote weergave. Categories Koningin Wilhelmina munten Wilhelmina : 5 gulden, 10 gulden Wilhelmina goud prachtig. Five guilder coin (Netherlands) 5 guilder The netherlands: Value:.00.

A gold five guilder coin was issued under queen Wilhelmina in 1912. Enige gouden Wilhelmina 5 Gulden munt ooit geslagen. 24 karaat gouden Prinses diana herdenkingsmunt 2017. The One guilder coin was a coin struck in the kingdom voorbeelden of the. From 1892 to 1897 a portrait of the young new queen Wilhelmina of the netherlands featured. De munten van 5 en 10 gulden uit de tijd van Koningin Wilhelmina.

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Er is in haar regeerperiode bier alleen in 1912 een 5 gulden geslagen. Detailed information about the coin. Gulden, wilhelmina, netherlands, with pictures and collection and swap management : mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic data. Currently at the catawiki auctions: The netherlands -, wilhelmina omega gold. Bestel en bekijk hier de laatste aanbiedingen van Nederland 5, gulden (Goud) Koningin, wilhelmina bij Verzamelaarsmarkt! Nederland, wereld en overzeese gebiedsdelen. Ankaufswert und Informationen für niederländische 5, gulden und.

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Detailed information about the coin 5, gulden, wilhemina, netherlands, with pictures and collection and swap management : mintage, descriptions, metal, weight, size, value and other numismatic data. Dit is het enige jaar dat de gouden 5, gulden munt met de beeldenaar van Koningin. Deze gouden, wilhelmina, munt uit 1912 is daarom zeer gewild bij verzamelaars. This Dutch 5, gulden gold coin. Wilhelmina will make an excellent addition to your collection! Visit Bullion Exchanges today to place your order! Wilhelmina, de eerste vorstin na een tijd van mannelijke staatshoofden. Van de 5 gulden, wilhelmina kunt u maar én jaartal hebben.

Catalog reference: Schulman 754, fr-350, km 151. Source: Peters,.,. Mevius, muntalmanak anti 2014, 31e editie, amsterdam: Nederlandse vereniging van munthandelaren, 2013. Cuhaj, george., and Thomas Michael, Standard Catalog of World coins, 42nd., iola, wi: Krause publications, 2014. Friedberg, gold coins of the world, From Ancient Times to the Present, 7th., Clifton, nj: coin and Currency Institute, 2003. 1, numismatic coins, medals, banknotes books: Auction 9, zurich: sincona ag, 2012.

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From the Enschede collection, sincona sale 9, lot 4762, the second specimen was lot 4762 in Sincona sale 9 (Zurich, October 2012 where it sold for 170 chf (about US215 including buyer's fees). The catalog description1 noted, ". Niederlande königreich der niederlande wilhelmina. (Netherlands, wilhelmina, five gulden of 1912, extremely fine. This type was struck one year only but in sufficient quantity as to render it common today. It is about 4 heavier than the equivalent French gold ten mayonaise francs. The similar ten gulden (. Fr-349 ) was struck 1911-Recorded mintage: 1,000,000 plus 120 proofs. Specification:.36 g,.900 fine gold,.097 troy oz agw, this specimen.36.

5 gulden wilhelmina
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